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    Information and advice about how to officially change your legal name by Deed Poll
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How to apply for a replacement Deed Poll

If you have lost your original Deed Poll and you did not return it to us for archiving (as part of our Legal Copy and Archive Service™), all you can do is apply for a new Deed Poll.  This is the accepted practice and we issue Deed Polls every day to people who have lost their original.

If you did return your Deed Poll to us for archiving, we will be able to issue a legal copy of your original Deed Poll.  To order a legal copy of your archived Deed Poll please click herePlease note, if you ordered your Deed Poll from us before May 2000, we will not have your Deed Poll archived because before this date the archive service was not available.

If you need to apply for a new Deed Poll to replace your lost Deed Poll, please read the following:

If you are 16 years of age or over
To apply for a replacement Deed Poll, the easiest way to order (if you can pay by debit or credit card) is to call our Helpline.  Alternatively, you can apply for a replacement Deed Poll by clicking here.  However, before applying, please read the section below titled Completing your application form.

Applying for a child (who is under 16 years of age)
To apply for a replacement Deed Poll for a child, who is still under 16 years of age, you can apply online or by post (please click on one of these two links).  Before applying, please read the next section.

Completing the application form
If you have not changed your name since changing your name using the Deed Poll you have lost, when you enter your name details on the application form, you should enter your former name in the current name boxes and your current name in the new name boxes.  The idea is to replicate the name change shown on your lost Deed Poll document.

Please note, if you are applying for an Adult Deed Poll, we can modify your replacement Deed Poll to include a declaration that states you have been using your current name for all purposes since a particular date.  If you would like this modification made, which we recommend, please complete section 5 of the online application form.  We need to know how and when (at least the year) you originally changed your name.  This modification explains to those you show your replacement Deed Poll to that it is not for a new name change.

If you have changed your name since changing your name using the Deed Poll you have lost, please email us with the details (when and how) of all your name changes and we will advise you how to complete the application form.  Alternatively, call our Helpline for advice (see top right of this page for our Helpline's numbers and hours).

Previous client fee reduction
As a previous client, you are eligible for a fee reduction of 10.  If you apply for your replacement Deed Poll by telephone, please tell us you are a previous client.  If you apply online or by post, there is provision on the application form to claim the fee reduction.

Last updated: 23 April 2011

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